Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finally - Some Content On My Website

After 4 years of having it up ( but with nothing more than my logo on the main page and a few photos floating around, this weekend I've finally released Version 1.1 as I'll call it. Version 1.0 would be the one I just mentioned with nothing really on it other then the fact that it's been a hosted site and had my logo, some random photos, and had a hyperlink to my email. Currently there's not a lot of images up but it's a start. I have some of my really good stuff up and then some so-so stuff up. I think I might only have 5 really good photos anyway in all my years enjoying photography! So much for giving myself credit. I currently have 23 images up to be exact and it's very simple to navigate thru.

If you visit my site, I hope you enjoy some of my photos and I look to actively add a lot more this upcoming year as I aspire to accelerate in my photography interests. Also, I will eventually go thru my 35mm film negatives dating back to 1989 thru 2006 ('06 is when I last shot film and bought my digital camera). On my site (as of today - Jan 13th 2007), the only two photos that are Not Digital you'll see are the first two on my site - the "Stage Entrance" and the American Flag are 35mm b&w film.

My 2008 goals are to focus on lighting techniques (using light and controlling it) as I get more into photographing people - headshots, casual, swimsuit, pretty much any portfolio work people want. Eventually get a lighting kit and some backdrops to shoot indoors (I'll probly take a workshop in lighting this year). And if you didn't know this about me, I've always loved signs - neon signs and mostly old vintage Motels, so I look to build up my neon motel sign gallery this year. I'm also looking to build a gallery of tattoos. Neat or unique tatts, just focusing on the art of it. I don't have tatts myself, but have always taken a liking to them. That's something more new in my interests off I go to photographing more People, more Motel Signs, and some Tatts. Feel free to contact me if you might have anything to contribute (i.e. you know of an old Motel you'd like to inform me about, or you or a friend has a kool tatt).