Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Slash has signed it...

I had hoped the day would come where I could come into contact with Slash and have him sign the photo - but not so much to get his autograph - but to just have him see the photograph. I'm sure he's seen enough photos of himself the past 25 years and could care less, but since I am 100% satisfied with this photo I shot of him, as far as live concert photos goes, it's pretty bad ass and I know I'm biased, but when I Google concert images of Slash, there's a few that are as good as this one, but none better. That's how I feel about this anyway. So the chance for him to signing had nothing to do with my running into him or meeting him, but from a high school friend who works at CNN and currently works on the Pierce Morgan show and when Slash was coming on the show that week, my friend messaged and asked if I could get a print back to New Jersey, he'd see if he could have it signed (with no guarantees) telling Slash that his friend does photography and has a great shot of him. This was on a Sunday, and Slash was coming in on Wednesday ...and I live in Arizona, so my only option was to print one locally in NJ at a Costco as I didn't have any from the professional lab I use here in Tempe. So I sent one to Costco, my dad picked it up on Monday, and my friend came by my dads house and picked it up and brought it in to work on Wednesday. He waited a few weeks to send it to me so I could be surprised, and I never asked him if he got it signed or not because I knew I'd be disappointed if he said Sorry it didn't happen, and I thought maybe I'd be surprised by mail. Well, a few weeks later, sure enough, I found this large envelope in my mailbox and I knew exactly what it was when I saw it in there since it had my friends name on the senders name. I was so excited opening it as I knew this was a signed photo, as I told my friend, no need to send the photos back if he doesn't sign it as you can keep one and give the others to friends or co-workers. The fact that he thought enough to to try and get one signed was kind enough, so I wanted him to keep the photos as I printed up 4 total. Anyway, I think I'm more excited that Slash himself actually saw this rather than the autograph itself. Hopefully someday I get to come in contact with him and maybe he'll recall this photo. Thanks to Bob Wenk at CNN for making this happen.

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